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      You and the future in R & D

      Drive your future in R & D by working on challenging projects and completing various training programs in an international environment. You can look forward to exciting topics in areas such as sustainability, digitalization, and many more.Ready to eXplore?

      The eXplore Tire Research & Development Graduate Program at a Glance

      Are you a visionary who loves to develop new ideas and wants to make the future of mobility safer, more sustainable, and more efficient?

      This Graduate Program offers you a unique opportunity to gain up to 17 months of professional experience in a globally active, multicultural research and development organization in the Tires group sector of Continental. You will gain valuable international experience and have the opportunity to build a network and help shape the future of mobility. 

      Take the first step towards a successful R & D career at a global corporation.

      What Can You Expect?

      The eXplore Tire Research & Development Graduate Program covers a time frame of up to 17 months and is split into several phases.

      Introducing Phase 1 – Initial Orientation

      Every journey begins with a first step. You will start the program by getting to know your home location, your new colleagues, and your personal mentor before learning more about our organization, the methods and tools we use, and the detailed structure of the Graduate Program. You will also meet your colleagues from other R & D locations, who will accompany you on your journey.

      Getting to Know R & D – home Location and Central Placement

      After this initial experience, you will be familiarized with day-to-day operations at your home location and take on your first project. Three months later, you and other graduates from all over the world come to our global R & D headquarters in Hanover, where you will complete a variety of training programs together for four months and work on an additional individual project as well as a large group project: the “start-up.” The “start-up” is a unique feature of this program that gives your group the opportunity to experience what it means to develop an innovative idea and try to convince our internal board to give you the support and resources you need to get your idea off the ground. With the support of an in-house innovation team, you will have the opportunity to make your mark on our company and the future of mobility. This experience will broaden your knowledge and provide you with new skills that will help you develop and build lasting relationships with future colleagues from around the world.

      Finding My Path in R & D – Various Rotations

      While research and development experience is at the heart of the program, you will also have the opportunity to get to know up to three different interface functions. All graduates choose to spend time at a production plant, but can select up to two additional rotations in other interface functions such as Marketing and Sales, Purchasing, IT, or another R & D location. By participating in a number of exciting projects during this time, you will improve your knowledge of tires and our global Continental business model.

      Closing Phase – Completion of the Program

      In the closing phase, all graduates come together again at our R & D headquarters in Hanover to present the results of their projects (including the start-up) and complete the program before taking up a position in our R & D organization.

      What Might Your Future Look Like?

      The R & D Graduate Program offers you the opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight into a global R & D organization, develop your personal skills through various projects and training programs, and build up a diverse international network – the ideal preparation for a successful career at Continental. In addition to exciting professional challenges in a performance-oriented working environment (primarily at home), you will take on responsibility at an early stage. Depending on your potential and track record, you may take on leadership roles shortly after the program. If you meet and exceed expectations, you may even have career opportunities on a global scale.

      Your Profile
      • Above-average university degree in a technology-related degree program, e.g. engineering, natural sciences (chemistry, mathematics, physics), or computer/data science
      • Fluent command of English and the language of your home country (country of employment)
      • Strong ability to think analytically/structurally and manage a high level of complexity
      • Ability to adapt to, and thrive in, a dynamic and challenging environment
      • Initial project experience desirable
      • Initial professional experience through internships/working student programs or initial position(s) in the relevant fields, ideally in an international environment
      • International experience desired (e.g., internships or study abroad)
      • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, a dedicated team player who enjoys working in a multicultural and diverse environment
      • Open-minded and ambitious personality
      • Passion for the automotive industry

      Does This Profile Match Your Skills? Challenge yourself and take part in our eXplore Graduate Program here.

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