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      20170614 Nathlos Mobil - CUbE

      Using the senses of the CUbE

      Development platform from Continental ensures safety of driverless vehicles

      Please take a seat! Calling the CUbE (Continental Urban Mobility Experience) quickly and conveniently via app, specifying the required destination and traveling to it safely and comfortably without a driver are already a reality for the technology company Continental. CUbE is a development platform for the wide range of Continental technologies that are needed for the operation of driverless mobility systems in future. Continental is convinced that these autonomous, electrically powered vehicles – without driver, steering wheel or brake pedal – will make an important contribution to improving the traffic situation and consequently also the quality of life in urban areas.

      How do driverless vehicles know where they are?

      If driverless vehicles are to share the highways with other road users in the future then they must master the entire chain of effects involved in driving. They must perceive the vehicle’s environment, interpret traffic situations correctly and act accordingly. There are many different challenges in the urban environment. For example, it is necessary to recognize the properties of streets, sidewalks, crosswalks, traffic signs and lights and to interpret the actions of pedestrians, cyclists and cars in dense traffic and adapt the vehicle’s driving strategy accordingly. Continental is already testing out these scenarios at its Frankfurt site.

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      CUbE (Continental Urban mobility Experience)