PP VT Drivetrain Control VW ID3

Vitesco Technologies Supplies the Drive Control Unit for the Volkswagen ID.3

Regensburg company is the sole supplier of the drive control unit for Volkswagen’s MEB platform.

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Dr. Elmar Degenhart | ASM2020

“Our Heart Beats for a Healthy Mobility Ecosystem”

Dr. Elmar Degenhart: “Continental is keeping its targets firmly in sight, particularly during the crisis.”

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Pandemc-safe production at Continental

Information on the Impact of the Coronavirus at Continental

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Let your ideas shape the future

Why Work for Us?

We offer an inspiring, open and rewarding corporate culture.

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Value Creation Model

Our value creation tree is an invaluable signpost in times of constant change: a growing tree that symbolizes the course that sustainable value creation takes at Continental.

Waarden creëren waarde

The roots: Our four values

Our roots bind together all Continental employees around the globe. They fuel the way employees act. Our roots are our four corporate values: Trust, Passion To Win, Freedom To Act and For One Another.

The four core initiatives – Quality First, CBS, Balance of Cooperation and Cultural Development – promote these four values as the basis for our organization’s profitable growth. They allow us to drive forward and shape our growth in a systematic and lasting way.

Regardless of who works in what position at Continental, what unit they belong to and what brand we support – together, we all make up Continental’s values alliance for top value creation.

The trunk: Our value creation streams

The trunk is made up of our three value creation streams: innovation, productivity and profitable growth. They connect the roots of the tree to the crown.

Innovation turns the best ideas into marketable products, systems, functions and solutions, in turn developing our reputation as a pioneering technology leader. This gives rise to new business models.

Productivity helps us to implement our innovations efficiently and effectively. We apply an appropriate amount of effort to produce the best results, impressing our customers in the process.

We respond quickly and flexibly to constantly changing requirements and customer preferences to secure profitable growth.

The crown: Our seven strategic dimensions

Just like a healthy tree is constantly growing stronger boughs and sprouting new branches, we too grow from our successes and our value creation. We have a clearly laid plan for this value creation. Our development entails seven strategic dimensions.