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IR Contact

Continental AG
Investor Relations
Vahrenwalder Straße 9
30165 Hanover

E-Mail: ir@conti.de
​​​​​​​Fax +49 (0)511 / 938-1080 

Notificactions of voting rights should be sent to ir@conti.de or by fax to +49 (0)511 / 938-1080.

Picture Bernard Wang

Bernard Wang Head of Investor Relations Phone: +49 (0)511/938-1068 E-mail:

Sina Ramatschi

Sina Ramatschi Assistant to Head of IR Roadshow and Conference Organization Phone: +49 (0)511/938-1163 E-mail:


Picture Jana Cross

Jana Cross (on parental leave) Assistant to Head of IR On parental leave E-mail:

Picture Michael Sämann

Michael Sämann Analysts, Institutional Investors and Sustainability Investors Phone: +49 (0)511/938-1307 E-mail:

Picture Klaus Paesler

Klaus Paesler Analysts, Institutional Investors, ADR and Private Investors Phone: +49 (0)511/938-1316 E-mail:

Picture Marvin Kalberlah

Marvin Kalberlah Analysts, Institutional Investors, Social Media Phone: +49 (0)511/938-14034 E-mail:

Picture Christopher Macke

Christopher Macke Analysts, Institutional Investors Phone: +49 (0)511/938-1062 E-mail:

Picture Sabine Reese

Sabine Reese Sustainability, ASM, CMD Organization, IR Webpage, Capital Market Disclosure Requirements Phone: +49 (0)511/938-1027 E-mail: