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      Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2022

      CEO Nikolai Setzer:
      “We have a clear strategy. We have the right structure. We have a highly motivated team. And together we are gaining momentum.”

      The Annual Shareholders' Meeting took place on Friday, April 29, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. in the form of a virtual meeting. 

      Here is an overview of all available materials relating to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. 

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      Click here for the speech by CEO Nikolai Setzer at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting under the motto "Progress Arises from Change - pdf (4.54MB)".

      Press Release:

      Progress Arises from Change

      “Continental is well positioned,” stressed Nikolai Setzer, the technology company’s CEO, in his speech to the shareholders participating in the virtual 2022 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in Hanover today. “We have a clear strategy. We have the right structure. We have a highly motivated team. And together we are gaining momentum.” Despite a market environment that remains difficult due to the consequences of disrupted supply chains and higher costs in purchasing and logistics, Setzer looks ahead with confidence. “We have laid the foundation for the future of your Continental. With a realigned strategy and an adapted structure that is clearly geared to our markets,” he said, referring to Continental’s clearly defined setup following the spin-off of the Vitesco Technologies powertrain business. “Three group sectors under one roof: Automotive, Tires and ContiTech. This makes us unique. No other company on the market can offer what we do,” explained Setzer.

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      Please find here the recording of the CEO speech on the occassion of the Continental Annual Shareholders' Meeting as at April 29, 2022.

      Further information on shareholder documents such as the invitation, agenda, information on the 2021 fiscal year and the remuneration system for the Executive Board and Supervisory Board can be found under Investor Relations.


      Continental Intensifies Climate Change Mitigation with New Immediate Action Program

      Net|Zero|Now immediate action program offers customers carbon neutrality for their business with Continental along the entire value chain.

      With its Net|Zero|Now immediate action program to mitigate climate change, Continental is offering its customers the opportunity to achieve carbon neutrality for their business with the technology company along the entire value chain today.

      The aim of the program is to enable customers with ambitious sustainability goals to neutralize the currently remaining “carbon backpack” of their relevant business with Continental. This carbon backpack includes all emissions generated by processes at Continental and its suppliers as well as following end of use, but does not include the customer’s use phase and emissions. The carbon backpack is offset by an equal quantity of so-called negative emissions.

      Net|Zero|Now complements the reduction measures implemented by the company to date and sustainable innovations such as the Conti GreenConcept tire, which are designed to achieve carbon neutrality in line with the Paris climate agreement today.

      Find out more about the immediate action program „Net|Zero|Now