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      CES 2023

      Continental at Consumer Electronics Show 2023

      At technology company Continental, we are driving the future of mobility – more safely, more connected, and more convenient. For more than 150 years, Continental has revolutionized the way we move, and at CES 2023 (January 5 – 8, 2023, in Las Vegas), we have offered a glimpse into the future, presenting hands-on solutions for some of today’s mobility concerns.

      Continental has hold a press conference during CES Media Days at Mandalay Bay, January 4 at 3 p.m. Additionally, the technology company has showcased its latest innovations in a private exhibit at the Renaissance Hotel. Please find here all information for your coverage.

      Contacts for the media

      Press contact for Automotive topics

      Sebastian Fillenberg

      Head of Content, Media Spokesperson and Topic Manager Architecture and Networking

      Continental Automotive

      Sören Pinkow

      Media Spokesperson and Topic Manager Safety and Motion

      Continental Automotive

      Jennifer Weyrich

      Media Spokesperson and Topic Manager Autonomous Mobility

      Continental Automotive

      Alena Liebram

      Media Spokesperson and Topic Manager User Experience

      Continental Automotive

      Ilona Tzudnowski

      Media Spokesperson and Topic Manager Software and Central Technologies

      Continental Automotive

      We are ushering in a new era of mobility. At CES, we’ll demonstrate how it is impacting the vehicle at every level, from the concrete to the cloud. These innovations will disrupt the entire mobility experience, not just for drivers, but for all forms of transportation, including vulnerable road users. At CES, we are offering a glimpse at how the future on the road will be safer, more sustainable and more efficient.
      Gilles Mabire
      Chief Technology Officer, Continental Automotive

      Press Releases

      Here you can find our press releases on the highlights at CES 2023.

      Innovations From the Concrete to the Cloud

      At CES 2023, we will demonstrate how product solutions are improving the entire mobility spectrum, including the way vehicles function and how people engage with them. Please find here some product highlights: