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      Continental at IAA 1905

      Continental at the IAA since 1905

      Electrification, automated driving, connectivity: These topics have changed markedly since Continental was first represented at the IAA in 1905. But even at the 1905 International Motor Show in Berlin, the focus was on mobility. Continental presented visitors to the trade fair with a variety of solutions for further developing and improving cars. The tread, introduced for the first time, considerably increased driving safety, while the detachable rims significantly reduced the risk of breakdowns. Several successes in international motorsport showed the resilience of Continental tires, even under extreme strain.

      Over the following decades, cars became affordable for more and more people. Continental accompanied this development with innovative solutions for more safety, ride comfort and cost efficiency. Bad road conditions were no longer a problem for vehicles and their occupants thanks to the “balloon tires” that were presented in 1924 and thanks to giant pneumatic tires, increasingly large volumes of goods could be transported. The zeppelin tires exhibited in 1936 are a clear example of how mobility solutions were developed for more and more application areas. Alongside the tires, technical rubber products also played an important role.

      Continental at the IAA in Berlin since 1905

      The International Motor Show took place in different locations in Berlin and, from 1921, in a newly built hall on Kaiserdamm.

      Continental at the IAA in Frankfurt since 1951

      From 1951 to 2019, the event has been held in Frankfurt am Main, and, since 1992, also as IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover.

      Continental at the IAA MOBILITY in Munich since 2021

      Since 2021, the International Motor Show takes place in Munich, rebranded to IAA MOBILITY.