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      IAA Transportation 2022

      Highlight Topic: Sustainability

      Continental is acting responsibly toward the environment and society – while creating value for our customers. Our innovative prowess helps our customers to operate with greater efficiency and to reach their sustainability goals.​

      The discussion around climate change has greatly intensified, pressure to become more sustainable has increased – in parts due to new regulations, to rising fuel prices and because of increasing social and environmental awareness.

      • For OEMs this means complying with more and more emission requirements and switching towards more sustainable mobility solutions. The entire truck and its subsystems need to be taken into consideration for potentials.
      • For fleets this means increasing their efficiency so that they can invest in the future in spite of low profit margins. We drive the ongoing transformation of our industries towards a healthy ecosystem for sustainable mobility.

      Trailer Capacity Assessment

      Beforehand the IAA Transportation, Jörg Lützner, Head of Innovation Management for Commercial Vehicles at Continental, also provided insights into the digital solution for cargo space calculation.

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