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      TOC Europe 2024

      How is the digital transformation to a smart port paving the way to a sustainable future? And what role does digital infrastructure play in reducing a terminal’s carbon footprint?

      The answer is simple: digital solutions and intelligent tires ensure the best efficiency for fleets and are the key to sustainable ports and operations. Continental’s port tire portfolio and solutions aim to effectively support port operators in dealing with the current megatrends in the industry. 

      TOC Europe will take place from June 11 to 13, 2024, at the Ahoy Centre in Rotterdam. At booth H64 in hall 1, Continental will showcase:

      Reliable tires: With our integrated product range of V.ply, radial and solid tires, we have the right tire for every application and can equip your entire fleet in the port. Get to know our TerminalMaster and DockMaster+ on-site and learn more about our comprehensive portfolio of port tires. 

      Its commitment to sustainability: Our goal is to be the most progressive tire company in terms of environmental and social responsibility. By equipping tires with sensors that monitor both tire pressure and temperature, our intelligent tires enable our customers to meet the CO2 emission targets of their fleets. 

      Its commitment to digitalization: We provide tailor-made and scalable digital solutions that are suitable for different applications. Visit our booth and find out more about the new Valve Cap Sensor, ContiConnect Lite and ContiConnect. This portfolio is unique to the port segment.

      Introducing our Exhibits at TOC Europe 2024


      In the container yard, tough operations require even tougher tires. Continental’s solution: The DockMaster+.

      With its wide and smooth profile, this tire provides a stable load platform that reduces the pendulum movement of the container mast when stacking at higher levels. This results in increased efficiency by reducing the time required to align containers. Thanks to the slick pattern with extra high tread volume, this tire provides a long service live.

      The DockMaster+ features Continental’s Port Plus Compound, which provides higher tensile strength for increased resistance to abrasion during tight turns in the spot, resulting in longer mileage and eliminate risk of tread cracks.

      Suitable for reach stackers, top loaders, empty container handlers and heavy forklifts primarily in pick and stack applications.


      A heavy-duty and robust tire is essential for navigating the challenging conditions of port terminals, where the risk of tire damage and punctures is very high. The Continental TerminalMaster is designed for this type of heavy-duty application.

      With an extra-deep tread profile and industrial-grade casing, the TerminalMaster provides much better damage protection and reliability than standard tires, ensuring maximum tire life and minimizing downtime. Its wear-resistant compound and wide outside shoulder ribs also reduce the effect of corner scrub, which improves mileage performance. 

      The TerminalMaster is designed for terminal tractors and trailers, making it the perfect tire for these vehicles in harsh environments.

      Get to know our experts

      “Ports are undergoing a transformation. That’s why we are strategically focusing on our customers’ needs and tailor-made solutions. With our leading position in port tires, I’m convinced that we can help our customers achieve more efficient, digital and sustainable operations, today and in the future. I’m looking forward to discussing this in more detail at TOC Europe.”

      “As a product manager, I’m committed to addressing the unique challenges faced by port operators in every region. My goal is to create forward-thinking solutions that go beyond the boundaries of conventional tire systems and ensure a comprehensive product range tailored to local needs.”

      “As a business development manager for the EMEA region, I’m dedicated to leveraging our strengths in port tire technology and enhancing our partnerships across the region. I’m committed to driving innovative and sustainable operations that meet the dynamic needs of our diverse clientele. I look forward to creating value together and paving the way for smarter port operations!”

      “As a customer solution sales engineer at Continental, I’m driven by a relentless focus on customer satisfaction and product excellence. My approach is centered on understanding the specific requirements of each application and delivering tailored solutions that meet customers’ expectations. Through on-site support, I ensure that our customers achieve optimal results with our products.”

      ‘’As a Digital Solutions Product Manager I am committed to implementing customer centric Digital Products & Solutions through innovation & strategic use of technology. Also, I strive to ensure our products /solutions not only address the current market needs but also adapt & evolve to anticipate future demands.’’ 

      We look forward to seeing you at
      TOC Europe 2024!

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