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      Press Release
      September 08, 2021

      New Sports Tyre From Continental Starts With 42 Articles From 19 To 23 Inches

      • New SportContact 7 available in stores from this autumn
      • Well-suited for sporty compact cars, sedans, sports, super sports, and tuned cars
      • Approvals expected for original equipment

      Hanover, September 8, 2021. With the SportContact 7, Continental now has a new high-performance tyre ready for sporty vehicles. This year, a total of 42 articles will be available in sizes between 19 and 23 inches, with the product line being further expanded over the course of the coming year. “With the new SportContact generation, we are offering drivers who want to experience performance driving, a very safe, handling-oriented and high-mileage tyre,” says Enno Straten, Head of Strategy, Analytics and Marketing for Tire Replacement Business EMEA at Continental. “Our new product will be the flagship and the first of our seventh-generation summer tyres, which will be launched in the coming years.” In development, Straten says, “Continental focused on maximising performance criteria combining ultimate driving pleasure with high safety in the field of UUHP tyres (ultra-high performance tyre segment).”

      The new SportContact 7 is the latest generation of our very tried-and-tested, popular, sporty, summer tyre, the SportContact 6. Since its launch six years ago, the SportContact 6 has taken first place in a number of magazine tests – including sport auto and AutoBild sportscars – and received the highest recommendations. Leading European vehicle manufacturers mount tyres from the SportContact family ex works.

      Together with their two other current summer tyre models, Continental covers almost 95 percent of market demand with their available sizes. “This means that we are able to provide tyres for almost all passenger cars, SUVs and vans in Europe,” reports Straten. “With the new SportContact 7, we also have a product that can meet the latest market trends.” In the last 15 years, vehicles have not only become around 10 percent heavier, but their engines have also grown by just under 30 percent. At the same time, the CO2 emissions of cars have been reduced by 30 percent. “Since all articles in the new tyre line have an increased load capacity in accordance with the XL standard, we can easily fit heavier cars, and with the new SportContact 7, whilst also supporting the trend towards greater sustainability,” he explains. “After all, it not only has significantly higher mileage, but also offers one of the lowest values in the UUHP segment with its fuel efficiency classified as class 'C’ on the EU tyre label. That makes the SportContact 7 a safe and appropriate choice for all sporty vehicles – whether conventional or electrically powered.”

      The SportContact 7 was developed for passenger cars with performance attributes and supercars. The variety of vehicles is wide-ranging, including the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio as well as the RS series from Audi and sporty M series from BMW. Compact cars include the Ford Focus III RS and the Mini Cooper S Clubman. Suitable sizes are also available for the Porsche 4 S GT as well as vehicles from Mercedes-AMG, Lamborghini and McLaren. Suitable dimensions of the SportContact 7 are also planned for high-range cars such as the Brabus S 65 Rocket 900 Coupé.

      For the virtual SportContact 7 360° Panorama Tour, click here: SportContact7

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