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      Press Release
      March 19, 2019

      Continental widens its product offering for Rigid Dump Trucks with cut-resistant compound for RDT-Master

      • Cut-resistant compound specifically developed for rough and abrasive applications
      • Compound complements standard compound for RDT-Master

      Hanover, March 19, 2019. Continental is further extending its tire portfolio for the earthmoving industry. The technology company recently launched a new compound for its RDT-Master for the use on Rigid Dump Trucks. The cut-resistant compound was developed for rough and abrasive applications where tires have to withstand sharp gravel, rocks and stones.

      RDT-Master CR with new cut-resistant compound ensures extra-high wear resistance

      The demands placed on off-the-road tires, especially at mining and construction sites, are constantly increasing. At the same time tires must be individually customized to their respective fields of application. The new RDT-Master cut-resistant (CR) has been developed specifically for the use on Rigid Dump Trucks. These vehicles are often used in aggressive terrain where resistance to high abrasion and cut and chip are predominantly required. Thanks to the newly developed polymer meshing system based on high synthetic rubber and selected components, the RDT-Master CR offers good protection and wear resistance while still maintaining good levels of heat dissipation.

      New RDT-Master complements Continental’s EM-tire portfolio

      The now available RDT-Master CR with cut-resistant compound comes with high carcass protection against cuts and damages by foreign objects and an innovative open shoulder design for good self-cleaning abilities and enhanced traction. The new compound complements the standard compound for the RDT-Master which is best suited for mixed applications on different surfaces. The RDT-Master ST offers a well-balanced intermediate compound that covers longer load cycles than its cut-resistant counterpart while still offering a good abrasion resistance.

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