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      Press Release
      February 27, 2020

      From construction machine to minibus: Continental Enhances Convenience and Efficiency with MultiViu Compact 7 Display

      • Digital instrumentation at an attractive price – ideal for small production lot manufacturers
      • Can be used as an instrument cluster or auxiliary unit in nearly all special vehicles, minibuses and motorcycles
      • Very bright, waterproof display with optional touchscreen is still readable even in bright sunshine
      • Continental assists manufacturers in adapting to individual requirements with training programs and local, on-site support

      Frankfurt, February 27, 2020. The technology company Continental is now launching its fully-programmable MultiViu Compact 7 display as a production product on the market. “In nearly all vehicle classes, the trend is toward digital instrumentation solutions,” explains Patric Zimmermann, the responsible product manager at Continental. “These solutions can be used to reduce the vast amount of available information and just show the driver the data that is relevant to the driving situation. This offers relief to the driver and boosts efficiency and operating convenience. For the manufacturer, however, this incurs high costs and development effort which are often not worthwhile given the small production volumes.” The MultiViu Compact 7 now gives small production lot manufacturers the customizable instrumentation they need to achieve OEM quality at an attractive price. The primary instrumentation with a 7-inch display and optional touchscreen is versatile in its application. It may be used in both construction and agricultural machines, as well as in motorcycles and minibuses, for example. It is available now at commercial dealers.

      Flexible and Individual

      Flexible and Individual

      The MultiViu Compact 7 gives manufacturers a lot of freedom. Installed horizontally, the display is a compact alternative to the instrument cluster, and it shows vehicle information such as the vehicle speed and fuel level. Installed vertically, it can be used as a second device for auxiliary information that is not relevant to driving, and it can handle practical menu navigation. In the variant with a touch display, operation of the MultiViu Compact 7 is similar to that of modern smartphones – it can be operated intuitively. In both application cases, the manufacturer decides what exactly can be seen on the display. Continental provides a programming environment with which the applications can be developed in-house and be adapted to individual requirements. The experts at Continental can assist, as necessary, with training programs and local, on-site support. Also user-configurable are the 24 light symbols on the side which provide additional space for information. In addition, the cover glass can be designed for specific customers – including a logo.


      Bright Display is Easy to Read in Bright Sunlight

      Continental's developers put a lot of emphasis on a bright display that can be read even under unfavorable lighting conditions like bright sunlight. The display is made of real glass, which makes it very scratch-resistant and robust. The display is also waterproof and vibration-resistant. Switched off, the MultiViu Compact 7 has a black, homogeneous surface (black-panel design) that fits perfectly into any interior design concept. It can be used over a working temperature range from -30°C to +70°C. Two CAN ports, a video input and multiple digital and analog inputs and outputs round off the technical features.

      One of the first to implement the MultiViu Compact 7 is tractor manufacturer Lindner who will use it in its new Lintrac 130 continuously variable tractor. From the cabin it will enable control of functions for intelligent device recognition as well as driving strategies. The Lintrac 130 was named “Machine of the Year” in the compact class at the Agritechnica trade show. You can find more information on the application at the Continental media page for Agritechnica. 

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