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      Press Release
      May 28, 2020

      Double Award for 3D Vehicle Display with Touch Function from Continental

      • German Innovation Award 2020 and Automotive Brand Contest 2020: “Winner” in the categories “Excellence in Business to Business” and “Future, Mobility and Parts”
      • Natural 3D experience: Lightfield technology replaces special glasses and head-tracker cameras
      • Increased comfort and operating safety thanks to unique touch control combined with active haptic feedback

      Babenhausen, Germany, May 28, 2020. Continental convinces twice: The technology company’s 3D display with touch function developed specifically for the vehicle centerstack was awarded as “Winner” in the category “Excellence in Business to Business” at the German Innovation Award 2020. In addition, the Natural 3D Centerstack Display emerged as “Winner” in the category “Future, Mobility and Parts” at the Automotive Brand Contest 2020. “We are very pleased with the awards for our Natural 3D Centerstack Display. With the innovative Lightfield technology combined with the touch function, we create a natural 3D experience that increases not only the user-friendliness but also the comfort and operating safety for all vehicle occupants,” said Dr. Frank Rabe, head of Human Machine Interface business unit at Continental.

      Natural 3D experience: Lightfield technology replaces special glasses and head-tracker cameras

      Continental brings the Natural 3D Centerstack Display as a central element of human-machine interaction to the center of the cockpit. The Lightfield technology, which originates from a collaboration with US company Leia Inc. from Silicon Valley, California, enables a natural 3D experience in 4K resolution to all passengers without the need for any special glasses or a head-tracker camera. The holographic representation of the Lightfield display consists of a total of eight perspectives of the same object, which can vary slightly depending on the viewing position. Three-dimensional highlights, accentuations and complex lighting effects transmit information comfortably and securely. In addition, the Natural 3D Centerstack Display allows for the first time a gestural interaction with protruding elements, which enables not only blind operation, but also a new holographic user experience for the driver and passengers.

      Increased comfort and operating safety: touch control combined with active haptic feedback

      One of the special features of the Natural 3D Centerstack Display is also the touch control in combination with active haptic feedback. Thus, it is the first 3D vehicle display with these functionalities. Contactless capacitive gestures enable intuitive operation with protruding holograms. Further, the interaction between touch function and 3D display makes it easier for the user to estimate distances and reduces response time to unexpected events. An impulse signalizes the correct choice of button, which allows the user a nearly “blind” control. Therefore, thanks to its touch function and 3D presentation, the display combines greater operating safety with increased comfort and a significantly improved user-friendliness.

      German Innovation Award and Automotive Brand Contest

      Founded as an initiative of the German Bundestag, the German Design Council has been rewarding innovation, brand, and design achievements of international standing since 1953. With the German Innovation Award, an international award has been established, which distinguishes cross-industry innovations with impact: solutions, detailed innovations and services with user focus and added value compared to previous solutions. Companies from all industries and sectors of the economy as well as non-commercial and government organizations from all over the world can participate in the German Innovation Award. The German Design Council presented the German Innovation Award on May 26 in Berlin.

      The Automotive Brand Contest is the only neutral and international design competition for brands of the automotive industry. The German Design Council awards outstanding product and communication design and draws attention to the fundamental importance of brand and brand design in the automotive industry. The awards are presented in 13 categories and 4 special categories. The categories cover the entire design spectrum and range from vehicle design and concepts, brand design and multimedia networking to campaigns and events. The official award ceremony of the Automotive Brand Contest will take place in fall 2020.

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