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      Janne Pohjanen_CEO of Pohjaset Oy
      Press Release
      July 08, 2020

      Continental introduces new drive-axle truck tire for extreme winter conditions on difficult terrain

      • Winter specialist tire Conti Scandinavia Extreme HD3 with outstanding and unprecedent traction level compared to typical winter truck tires
      • Developed in Nordic countries for regional distribution on hilly and winding roads
      • Drive-axle tire with highest number of sipes in Continental history

      Hanover, July 8, 2020. Continental, technology company and manufacturer of premium tires, announced the launch of a truck tire: The new Conti Scandinavia Extreme HD3 is a drive-axle tire which has been developed for goods but also people (coach) transportation in regions with cold and severe winter conditions. Its best application is regional distribution on hilly and winding roads covered by snow. The Conti Scandinavia Extreme HD3 can handle oversized load conditions and high torque and is particularly recommended for trucks with only one drive axle which have challenges to get traction. The tire is meant to be used mainly in Norway, Sweden and Finland where the temperature drops up to -50 degree Celsius and where trucks have to operate in extreme snow and ice conditions making the driving very though. Therefore, Continental has considered customer feedback from this region where they require higher performing winter tires. The Conti Scandinavia tire line has been developed as the answer for vehicles operating on varying road conditions to offer the best level of winter traction without compromising mileage and durability performance. The first tire size available now is 295/80 R 22.5 while the sizes 315/80 R 22.5 and 315/70 R 22.5 are going to follow by the middle of next year.

      The goal of Continental’s research and development department was to develop a tread design that ensures the best possible traction in any extreme winter conditions. The result is a drive-axle tire with the highest number of sipes (more than 1,000) in Continental’s long-lasting winter tire history. Furthermore, the new Conti Scandinavia Extreme HD3 contains the following technologies: Wide lateral shoulder grooves ensure maximum traction on soft snow throughout the life of the tyre. The high content of natural rubber in the rubber compound provides high elasticity even at extremely low temperatures (down to minus 50 C) and best grip. The sipes with anti-slip design of the three-dimensional sipe surface have a dual function: they act as an interlocking structure between the blocks to reduce slippage and deformation; at the same time, they provide more surface area for optimum grip on snowy roads and thus greater traction. The tread pattern with variable sipes of different depth increases the mechanical stability of the blocks. A "tube" attached to the underside of the sipes reduces stress build-up in the tread pattern and thus increases the mileage of the tyre.

      Lutz Stäbner, Head of Product Management for Continental truck and bus tires in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), explains the company’s aspiration: “Continental has a large expertise and knowledge of winter tires performance that has been used to design dedicated truck product lines to cover each need, this means on one hand the specialists to cover extreme applications and on the other hand generalists to cover all-around winter applications. Focal points for us are always maximum safety of the drivers and smooth vehicle operations, even in extreme conditions.”

      In customer field tests the new Conti Scandinavia Extreme HD3 proved its robustness on heavy trucks where high torque and loads challenge the tire structure and tread integrity to the limit, especially when climbing steep hills on slippery roads. And the tire also demonstrated good performance on intercity coaches driving on roads which are snowy throughout the whole winter season and the snow clearing frequency is lower than usual.

      Janne Pohjanen, CEO of Pohjaset Oy, located in Keminmaa, Finland reports about his experience as one of the tire testers: “We transport products for the forest industry in Northern Finland where weather conditions in recent years have been very variable and they can fluctuate quickly from very cold and harsh frosts to plus-degree conditions. The annual mileage of our trucks achieves up to 400,000km with a total weight in our combinations with up to 76 tons. When the weather varies from summer to winter on the same trip, the tires must be reliable, and we clearly saw during our tests that the Conti Scandinavia Extreme HD3 managed all these challenges and was better in every way compared to other tires that we’ve used in the same application before. Grip, directional stability and traction during start-up were good and that is most important for us.”

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