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      October 07, 2021

      Tire and Fleet Management In One: Spedition Helmö Reaps The Benefits of ContiConnect Integration into Telematics System

      • Spedition Helmö capitalizes on the benefits offered by the tire management system ContiConnect Live and intelligent connectivity with the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal for monitoring the trailers in its Mercedes-Benz fleet
      • ContiConnect Driver App now integrated into the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal
      • Keeping a watchful eye on the fleet – drivers and fleet managers see real-time tire pressure and temperature values for the entire vehicle
      • Optimized fuel efficiency and CO2 reduction, plus longer tire service life

      Hanover, Germany, October 7, 2021. Huge rolls of paper, tons and tons of gravel, sensitive components for the automotive industry – haulage company Spedition Helmö based in Fürstenstein in Bavaria transports bulk and packaged goods for its customers nationally and internationally. “Our 40 trucks and 55 trailers handle payloads of up to 28 metric tons on a daily basis,” reports Managing Director Maximilian Helmö, meaning that the vehicles’ tires are subject to significant loads. “In order to optimize delivery reliability and also maximize safety, we always equip our fleet with the very latest technology.” This includes both state-of-the-art materials handling and vehicle technology, such as walking floor trailers, and safety assist and tracking systems. Helmö relies on the tire management system ContiConnect Live for continuous real-time tire monitoring. “Our articulated Mercedes-Benz trucks, complete with trailers, have been operating with the digital tire monitoring system from Continental for two years now,” continues Helmö. “The app is integrated into the Mercedes-Benz Trucks telematics system and ensures stable running of our trailer monitoring.”

      Integration of digital solutions

      Continental is making further advances in the field of digital tire management with ContiConnect Live and its integration into OEM systems. The innovative ContiConnect Driver App enables fleet managers to integrate digital tire monitoring into the existing vehicle hardware via the open-platform Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal – all from their office and while the truck is on the road. “ContiConnect simultaneously relays the real-time data from the tire sensors to the telematics system display in the driver’s cab, to the fleet manager, as well as to the 360° Solutions backend,” explains Annika Lorenz, Head of 360° Solutions at Continental. “This makes sure that all essential tire parameters are supplied to our customers in real time so that they can take immediate action in the event of anomalies or other problems.” This data transparency is a crucial factor in the successful implementation of efficient fleet management. “Optimized fuel consumption, fewer punctures and a long tire service life are all of key importance for our customers,” concludes Lorenz.

      ContiConnect Driver App in the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal

      Integrating the ContiConnect Driver App into the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal platform provides the customer with another tool for keeping their fleet intelligently connected. The fleet manager can simply select the ContiConnect Driver App from the Mercedes-Benz Trucks portal and then use the tire monitoring system via the existing in-cab display without the need for any additional hardware. The Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal is a digital marketplace that allows trucks to be individually equipped with comfort- and efficiency-enhancing apps. The result is improved, intelligent connectivity between vehicle, trailer and infrastructure using a wide range of different solutions, plus the ability to capitalize on the potential for improvement with the help of apps for a trucker’s daily routine.

      ContiConnect Live: Advantages for day-to-day haulage work at Helmö

      The haulage specialists at Helmö were won over by the tire management system for a number of reasons. “Fitting the sensors is simple, there is no risk of damaging them during either installation or removal,” says boss Maximilian Helmö, before describing how the system allows the tires to be checked at any time. “ContiConnect Live means a welcome time saving for our drivers when carrying out the mandatory departure check. And a clear bird’s-eye view graphic in the cab display also lets them monitor the tires in real time while on the go.” There is no need to mount an additional display on the windscreen. “An alarm sounds or a pop-up appears to indicate when a tire’s pressure is too low or the temperature is high,” explains Helmö. “The transport planner back in the office is also able to keep an eye on the tire data in the live portal.” If there are any anomalies, the planner can contact the driver, arrange a workshop appointment if necessary and reschedule shipment. “With ContiConnect Live I can rest assured that the tires are always inflated to the correct pressure and in good order.”

      Positive results from two years of use

      The experience of the past two years has shown that gradual loss of pressure is quickly detected and punctures successfully prevented. “Another plus is that every vehicle can be located. This gives us the certainty we need, facilitates vehicle planning and optimizes our internal processes, which in turn translates into benefits for our customers,” sums up Helmö. All things considered, Spedition Helmö is delighted with the digital tire monitoring system from Continental, as it consistently ensures correct tire pressure throughout the fleet. As a result, the haulage company is rewarded with optimum fuel efficiency at all times, lower CO2 emissions and reduced tire wear. This is tire management made easy – and from a single source.

      Further information on digital solutions from Continental together with a flyer on this topic can be found in the Download Center.

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