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      Press Release
      January 24, 2022

      Continental Tires Now Available in TecDoc Catalogue

      • Continental included as first tire manufacturer
      • TecDoc Catalogue increases visibility in the independent aftermarket
      • Nine company brands available

      Hanover, Germany, January 24, 2022. Continental is the first tire manufacturer to present its brands Continental, Uniroyal, Semperit, Barum, General Tire, Viking, Gislaved, Mabor and Matador in the new tire product category in the TecDoc Catalogue. The summer, winter and all-season tires suitable for the vehicle are displayed based on the size specification or a vehicle search.

      “Our main expectation from a tire industry perspective is to increase the visibility of our brands to our direct and indirect customers. We want to make life easy for all partners who choose to identify our products through an industry standard platform like TecDoc,” explains Jürgen Marth, Head of Central Key Account Channel & Region Central Europe in Continental’s business unit Replacement Tires EMEA.

      The product range of Continental Aftermarket and ContiTech has already been available in the TecDoc Catalogue for many years. The decision to present tire information was a logical step for Continental Tires.

      “On one hand, Tec Alliance has a good understanding of the complex tire business; on the other, it has many years of experience in the IAM. This has enabled TecAlliance to offer us exactly the solution we need with TecDoc. We can now get even closer to our customers and understand their requirements,” says Marth.

      TecAlliance's TecDoc Catalogue contains standardized data from more than 900 spare parts brands, with millions of product descriptions and product images. From the end of January 2022, there will also be tire data available – in the TecDoc Catalogue, via Web Service and in the data packages.

      “With the new tire product group in the TecDoc Catalogue, we offer a simple and efficient channel for identification and distribution in the automotive aftermarket. We support the tire industry providing the data by converting it from their PRICAT exchange standard to the TecDoc standard,” says Jürgen Mehlis, Executive Vice President Data Manager Products at TecAlliance. “With this conversion option, we are opening up new opportunities for the entire industry. In the future, we will expand the tire product group even further.”

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