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      Press Release
      February 15, 2022

      Focusing on Customer Requirements: Continental Supplies Tires and Bespoke Service to Scania Rent

      • Scania Rent Germany Austria switches tire supplier and places trust in the Conti360° Solutions service portfolio for tire management
      • Clear costing and high fuel efficiency: Scania Rent passes benefits on to customers
      • Conti EcoRegional fitted as OE, ContiRe retreads for drive and trailer axles

      Hanover, Germany, February 15, 2022. Scania Rent Truck & Trailer offers an ideal solution for haulage companies and fleets seeking to quickly address capacity problems or a need for special-purpose vehicles. It has been hiring out tractor units, chassis and trailers in a variety of sizes and power classes for over two decades now. The rental vehicles offer all the benefits of brand new models thanks to their state-of-the-art technology and fuel-efficient powertrains. “Maximum flexibility, fixed, calculable rates, cost transparency and excellent planning reliability are of fundamental importance for us and for our customers,” says Jörg Seelbach, Area Manager Scania Rent and Used for Germany Austria. For around a year now, Scania Rent’s full-service portfolio has also included premium tires from Continental along with a 360° Solutions mileage contract. “Fuel efficiency is becoming an increasingly important factor for our customers when renting vehicles,” observes Seelbach. “After all, fuel savings mean reduced fleet costs and therefore represent a direct cost saving.” Incorporating the Conti360° Solutions service package has enabled Scania Rent to increase fleet availability thanks to the use of premium tires and a comprehensive breakdown service from a network of partners across Europe. Complete transparency with regard to the mileage covered additionally guarantees calculable costs for Scania that can be passed on to customers without any unexpected extras.

      360° service is also a winning solution in Germany and Austria

      Continental is able to meet its customers’ needs exactly with Conti360° Solutions. “The Conti360° mileage contract including premium tires and an all-round service offers us clear benefits compared to competitor products,” explains Seelbach. “So we decided to take advantage of it for the entire Austrian fleet in addition to our 1,200 vehicles in Germany.” There are currently 40 trucks in Austria covered by Conti360° Solutions, while around another 100 vehicles are due to be switched to the contract over the course of the year.

      Conti EcoRegional and ContiRe: low on emissions, big on sustainability

      Scania Rent operates a total of 73 rental depots in Germany and Austria and has a large fleet of vehicles, comprising over 900 tractor units and more than 200 trailer units. With the Conti 360° contract, new vehicles for Scania Rent are factory-fitted with the Conti EcoRegional tire. “This tire was developed to cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions,” says Ralf Benack, Head of 360° Solutions. Plus, the tire also offers a high mileage and excellent durability – major plus-points in the rental business. The ContiLifeCycle concept also forms part of the Conti360° contract. “As part of our tire management approach, we rely on our hot-retreaded ContiRe tires for both drive and trailer axles,” Benack continues. “These tires really help to minimize total costs and increase sustainability.” This particular criterion is becoming ever more important for customers and matches Scania Rent’s business strategy. “Decarbonization is a key goal and one identified very clearly in the corporate strategy of Scania as a global company,” concludes Jörg Seelbach. “The Conti360° Solutions service portfolio is a perfect fit here.”

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