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      Press Release
      July 28, 2022

      Continental advertises with giant inflatable agricultural tire along the Tour de France 2022

      • For the second year running, Continental advertised its agricultural tires at the Tour de France with various publicity activities
      • One real attention-getter: a giant tire measuring 8 x 8 x 2.70m along the route through France
      • TractorMaster: “robust, durable, and high tire mileage”

      Hanover, Germany, July 27, 2022. Summer in France is dominated by cycle sport: In 21 stages, international professional riders race through various départements all across France. This year, for the second time running, Continental drew everyone’s attention to its agricultural tires all along the Tour route of this tradition-rich racing event. Under the motto La Passion de la Terre, huge banners and a Continental-branded tractor flew the flag of the company’s agricultural tire portfolio at this year’s Tour start in Denmark. The premium-quality tire producer offered a real highlight by raising a giant inflatable 8 x 8 x 2.70-meter “TractorMaster” tire along the stage route in Lortet, France. In recent years, the Tour has been accompanied by the strong presence of Continental car and bicycle tires. Continental is one of the five main partners of the Tour de France racing event.

      Continental and its agricultural tires

      Continental has been back in the agricultural business as of 2017, and since then brought some 100 articles to market. “The TractorMaster tire is especially popular among farmers, which is why we chose this product line as our inflatable eye-catcher. Farmers can rely on the robust build, long durability and high mileage of our TractorMaster agricultural tires in any weather and on any soil,” says Benjamin Hübner, Product Line Manager for Agricultural Tires at Continental. A 2019 test series by the German Agricultural Society (DLG for short) proved the tire’s performance, fuel consumption, ground coverage and drive efficiency, certifying its premium quality with the DLG test mark.

      Focus on efficiency and sustainability

      Continental uses state-of-the-art production technologies to manufacture its agricultural tires. All of its agricultural tires are produced at a specially erected plant in Lousado, Portugal. Continental invests continuously in developing sustainable solutions that promote economically and ecologically efficient agriculture. Besides lowering fuel and energy consumption, Continental focuses on improving tire performance for longer product lifecycles.

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