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      Press Release
      October 20, 2022

      Continental Publishes Updated Winter Tire Regulations for the 2022/23 Season

      • Summary of winter tire requirements in 39 countries
      • Driving on snow-covered roads: drivers give their verdict on the handling properties of Conti Scandinavia tires
      • Compilation of tire know-how for the winter season: tips, testimonials and product information

      Hanover, Germany, October 20, 2022. Continental is publishing an updated summary of winter tire regulations for winter 2022/23 covering a total of 39 countries in Europe and around the world as an aid for haulage companies and fleet operators. The regulations that apply in Germany are unchanged from last year and the same is true of the requirements for the other countries.

      The updated information on winter tires for the different countries can be found here.

      Out on the road with the Scandinavia line of winter tires

      The Conti Scandinavia family of tires are an ideal choice for winter driving anywhere in the world. The haulage company Auto Siegl Pkw-Spezialtransporte has been operating in Finland and Sweden for many years now and recently switched to Continental’s line of winter tires. “I’m extremely impressed by the tire,” praises truck driver Rene Munke. “This is the first time I’ve driven with the Scandinavia tire and I’m really pleased because the grip is just exceptional.”

      Fellow truck driver Sami Pyöränen, who works for Finnish haulage company Pohjaset Oy, agrees. “The tires offer excellent controllability and you know your vehicle is going to follow the movements of the steering wheel,” he says, before telling how wild animals sometimes cross the snow-covered roads and trails. “Up here in the North especially there are a lot of reindeer and you might have to brake suddenly and take evasive action. The Scandinavia tires bring the truck safely to a stop, even under heavy braking. They even give you enough confidence to swerve out of the way.”

      The design behind the performance

      The Conti Scandinavia tires are renowned for their safe handling characteristics even in adverse road conditions. The tire line employs special two-stage siping technology designed to ensure sure-footed performance.

      Optimized rubber compounds provide particularly high levels of grip on snow, ice and in the wet, while the high natural rubber content of the tires gives them optimum rolling resistance and the required flexibility at low temperatures. Another point in their favor is that the tires are relatively quiet, as they demonstrate in practice. “When driving I listen to audio books rather than music, and I do so for hours on end,” recounts Rene Munke. “The Scandinavia tires run notably more quietly. That’s really great for driving comfort.”

      Two in one: year-round safety and cost efficiency with Continental

      The innovative siping technology used in the Conti Scandinavia family of tires promises sure road-holding in winter and low, fuel-saving rolling resistance in summer. At the same time, optimized filler and oil content enhances the tires’ wear properties and increases their mileage. The Conti Scandinavia tread pattern changes from a more open structure for superior grip to a closed tread optimized for low rolling resistance, while still providing good adhesion to the road surface. Once the winter tread has worn away, you are left with a steering and trailer axle tire offering very good consumption figures for the summer season.

      Continental has brought out a brochure entitled “Tackle winter with confidence” containing a compilation of tire know-how for the winter season. As an international provider of solutions and services, the company offers a vast portfolio of premium tires for the winter, including a large number of retreads.The brochure and the summary of the regulations currently in force for winter tires can be found at together with further winter-related information.

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