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      Press Release
      February 22, 2024

      More User Value, Better Customer Service: Update for Tire Tech App Brings Multiple New Functions

      • Continental expands Tire Tech App to include numerous additional functions
      • Update: winter tire recommendations in 39 countries; 20 language options available; tire diagnostics; regrooving module; tire inflation pressure calculator
      • Van and camper tires added
      • Continental continues to drive digitalization of tire service

      Hanover, Germany, February 22, 2024. The Continental TireTech App advice tool helps fleet managers, drivers, retailers and tire workshops to achieve the best possible tire performance and the greatest possible fleet efficiency. In the cost-driven day-to-day tire business, this technical tool covers two fundamental bases: the fleet’s vehicles are fitted with the correct tires and those tires are inflated to the optimum pressure at all times. And now extra functions have been added to the app. “We have expanded our TireTech App with the addition of numerous new features which bring considerable added value for users and make it even more user friendly,” says Hendi Wijaya, Head of Technical Customer Services-Truck Tires, EMEA at Continental. “With this far-reaching update, we are providing our customers with even greater assistance when it comes to consistently increasing the efficiency of their fleets and bringing down their tire operating costs. Added to which, we have broadened the user group to include the van and camper segments.” With the Continental TireTech App, Continental is progressing the digitalization of tire service.

      Additional functions for truck and bus tires

      The TireTech App’s existing functionality has now been supplemented by a series of additional features for truck and bus tires. With the update, the current winter tire recommendations – as released by Continental each fall – will now also be available on the app. This means fleet managers, and bus and truck drivers can quickly get an overview of the current winter tire regulations in 39 countries and equip their vehicles accordingly. In order to make the app even easier to use, all the information on it is now provided in 20 languages. There is also the new tire diagnosis module. This identifies changes and anomalies in truck and bus tires and provides recommendations on how to deal with them. Tire service life, safety and fuel consumption are the points of focus. Also new is the module for regrooving tires. Here, tire workshops can find the relevant regrooving pattern for commercial vehicle tires from Continental, as well as other useful information.

      New on the app: van and camper tires

      Continental has expanded the Tire Tech App to also span the fast-growing van and camper van tire segments and therefore open it up to drivers of these vehicles. So drivers of vans and camper vans can now find all the technical information on their tires. And they can also use the tire inflation pressure calculator to work out the optimal pressure based on axle load and tire size.

      Useable offline as well

      What do you do if you need tire information during a journey but don’t have any network coverage? With just such an eventuality in mind, Continental has improved the functionality of the Tire Tech App for offline use. Users can download the required data for operating the app onto their smartphone. The tool will then also work in offline mode and can be used without a data connection.

      Tire Tech App: advice app for all tire customers

      The Continental TireTech App is a technical advice tool for retailers, fleet managers, professional drivers and technicians. It can be downloaded free of charge for iOS and Android. The app provides quick and easy access to up-to-date tire and service information for Continental's full range of tires for agricultural and commercial vehicles – and now with the update also for van and camper tires. The app’s content is available in 20 languages. The tool is ready to use within seconds of installation, and can be configured to meet users' individual needs.

      Lower emissions: Pressure-Load Calculator for correct tire inflation pressure

      Among the features offered by the Continental TireTech App is the integrated Pressure-Load Calculator. This helps users to determine the correct pressures for each tire, based on axle load and tire size. The Tire Tech App therefore contributes to lowering emissions, as correct inflation pressure reduces the rolling resistance of the tires. This makes the Continental TireTech App an important building block of Continental's holistic Lowest Overall Driving Costs (LODC) approach. The database of technical tire data and library of supporting images provide another powerful function. A contact form completes the service app’s offering, enabling customers to reach Continental’s technical service team directly.

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