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      Press Release
      March 14, 2024

      German “auto, motor und sport” Awards “Outstanding” Test Rating to Continental PremiumContact 7

      • Continental summer tire is “by far the safest, sportiest and also the most comfortable tire in the test”
      • Highest score in two thirds of the tests on wet and dry roads
      • Editorial team tested eight 235/55 R 18 tire models

      Hanover, Germany, March 14, 2024. Continental's PremiumContact 7 has been awarded first place in the summer tire test of the German car magazine "auto, motor und sport" (issue 7/24) with the rating "Outstanding". It prevailed against seven other 235/55 R 18 models on the test vehicle, a Seat Tarraco. “Excellent grip in the wet, safe in aquaplaning. Strong grip in dry corners too, precise and reliable. Good rolling comfort,“ concluded the experts.

      The Continental tire proved its strengths especially in the safety-relevant tests on wet and dry roads: out of a total of 12 tests on both surfaces, it completed eight with the maximum score of 10 points. In the overall assessment of braking, handling, aquaplaning, directional stability, steering response and ride comfort, it scored 9.7 out of 10 on wet and 9.8 on dry.

      The difference between the PremiumContact 7 and the last-placed product in the test was particularly evident in the wet braking distance results: while the Seat with Continental tires stopped after a braking distance of just under 28 meters from a speed of 80 km/h, the last-placed product needed over 31 meters and still had a residual speed of 26 km/h at the stopping point of the Continental tires. The editors likened this to riding a bicycle “at full speed against a house wall”.

      Continental’s PremiumContact 7 from is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 16 to 21 inches in diameter, 205 to 285 millimeters wide and cross-sections between 60 and 35 percent. It is suitable for electric cars, hybrids as well as cars and SUVs with internal combustion engines and has a special EV-compatible logo marking on the sidewall.

      More detailed material on the PremiumContact 7

      In his role as product manager for summer tires, Philipp Mendelski helped lead development of the PremiumContact 7. He explains the special technical features of the new-generation tire in a short video. This video is available for editorial use.

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