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      March 19, 2024

      Continental’s AllSeasonContact 2 Takes the Top Spot in the Tyre Reviews 2024 All-Season Tire Test

      • Current Continental all-season tire prevails against six competitors
      • AllSeasonContact 2 with the lowest wear in the test
      • Jonathan Benson of Tyre Review: “The new Continental AllSeasonContact 2 was the tire that does everything well”

      It is another win for the new AllSeasonContact 2 in the Tyre Reviews 2024 All-Season Tire Test. The tire came first against a test field of seven all-season tires in the size 205/55R16 on a VW Golf.

      The tire is the latest addition to Continental’s multi-award-winning AllSeasonContact line - and is Continental’s most technologically advanced all-season tire yet, offering the best possible driving control in any weather situation, better fuel efficiency, enhanced safety and increased driving pleasure – perfect for vehicles of all drive types.

      During testing the AllSeasonContact 2 demonstrated strength in many areas, including dry handling, wet handling, snow traction and low rolling resistance to name but a few. In particular, the AllSeasonContact 2 came top in the wear category, offering the lowest wear and therefore making it the most cost effective tire per 1000km.

      Jonathan Benson of Tyre Reviews said, “The new Continental AllSeasonContact 2 was the tire that does everything well… and it had the lowest wear. And it had low rolling resistance. And excellent snow grip, and was the best in the wet. And the best overall on ice. You get the idea. An outstanding product from Continental.”

      The strong performance is due to the use of new materials in the tire’s construction and innovative changes to the tread pattern and compound. This has resulted in a six per cent reduction in rolling resistance compared to the tire’s predecessor and mileage has increased by 15 per cent, without compromising on safety.

      Peter Robb, Marketing Director at Continental said; “Following the success of the AllSeasonContact, it is great to see the AllSeasonContact 2 collecting awards straight out of the gate. Our continued test wins demonstrate the hard work that goes into developing our tire lines.”

      The AllSeasonContact 2 is available in sizes between 15 to 21 inches. It is suitable for both electric and traditional combustion engine cars and SUVs and comes with a special EV-Compatible logo marking on the sidewall.

      For more images and video content visit our Continental AllSeasonContact 2 landing page here.

      The full Tyre Reviews 2024 All-Season tire test is available here.

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