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      Press Release
      November 28, 2023

      Continental Presents Sustainable Surface Materials for the Interiors of Cruise Ships

      • At the Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Europe, the focus is on using natural and sustainable raw materials rather than fossil resources
      • Lower carbon emissions throughout the value chain
      • Designs embrace the latest furnishing trends and colors

      Hanover/London, Germany/England, November 28, 2023. The cruise industry is also experiencing a shift to greater sustainability and eco-conscious travel, and technology company Continental is seeking to feed into this trend with a selection of interior concepts at this year’s Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Europe. The sector’s leading European trade fair is taking place in London on November 29 – 30. Continental will be presenting its skai Evida Fiber, skai Totexo EN and skai Tovosoft EN upholstery materials there for the first time. “Our product innovations allow us to replace fossil resources with natural, sustainable materials,” explains Norbert Müller, Senior Sales Manager for the Cruise sector at Continental’s specialist surfaces unit. “In keeping with our motto ‘Sustainability starts at the surface’ we are minimizing carbon emissions throughout the value chain.”

      There is a growing awareness of environmental issues among travelers, who are increasingly opting for sustainability-focused tour operators. In a recent survey carried out by, 78 percent of the 30,314 respondents worldwide stated they would like to stay in sustainable accommodation at least once in the coming year – either on land or at sea.

      Continental has therefore chosen to shine the spotlight on the sustainable innovations offered by upholstery materials from its skai brand at the London show. These are used in many different areas of passenger ships: from bed headboards or couches, chairs, seats and benches in lobbies, lounges, restaurants and bars to loungers for outdoor and spa areas as well as wall coverings and furnishings in the crew quarters. “Durability is a high priority for us and our designs embrace the latest furnishing trends and shades, like those already exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair in the spring,” continues Norbert Müller.

      More sustainable than ever before

      The surface material skai Evida Fiber has a richly varied grain pattern and a fine fiber-like texture. The material is soft to the touch and is made up of 90 percent natural and renewable constituent components. This proportion even exceeds that of the already established skai Evida variant, which consists of more than 80 percent natural and renewable raw materials. skai Evida Fiber has an organic cotton backing certified according to ÖKO-TEX® Standard 100. This sustainable artificial leather is highly abrasion resistant, resistant to disinfectant and also IMO flame retardant – without compromising on comfort in any way.

      Backing material made from recycled polyester

      skai Totexo EN and skai Tovosoft EN both score highly for sustainability thanks to their backing material made from recycled polyester fibers. These are on a par with newly manufactured polyester in terms of quality, but use up just a small fraction of the resources by comparison. What is more, both materials are free of plasticizers and their potentially harmful effects. The honeycomb structure of skai Tovosoft EN is intended to radiate calm and be inviting to touch. It creates seamless, flowing transitions and an unbroken appearance. Its soft feel harmonizes perfectly with the range of understated colors focusing on nude, beige and earthy tones. The textile grain of skai Totexo EN, on the other hand, is designed to create an elegant look with its matte-gloss effect. This, together with the modern range of colors, gives it a techno-futuristic appeal.

      Upholstery fabric made from natural resources – such as coffee grounds

      Also on display at Continental’s stand for visitors to both see and experience is the breathable upholstery fabric skai VyP Coffee containing over 65 percent natural and recycled raw materials, such as coffee grounds. And the team of surface specialists will be showcasing yet another remarkable new product in the form of skai Toronto EN. This features the patented staynu technology, which makes it extremely resistant to stains and exceptionally easy to clean.

      Continental is exhibiting its sustainable products for the interiors of cruise ships at stand 628 at the Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Europe on November 29 and 30, 2023 in London.

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