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      April 24, 2017

      ContiTech Offers Extensive Range of Belts for Industrial Applications

      • Full line available worldwide
      • Expanded product range
      • Customers receive everything from a single source

      Hanover, April 2017. With belts available in around 18,000 sizes and finishes, ContiTech offers a full product line for industrial original equipment and the aftermarket. “For decades now, ContiTech has been a byword for a broad, mature and modern range of belting that meets the most demanding customer requirements and the ever-expanding field of applications in industry,” says Rodrigo Maia, head of the Industry EMEA/APAC segment in the ContiTech Power Transmission Group. “We’ve extended the range again in response to the more demanding requirements and needs of industry. Our customers receive everything from a single source – and worldwide at that.”

      Modern applications are demanding ever-higher performance from belts. ContiTech’s response to this has been to develop new products such as the FO Pioneer, currently the strongest raw-edge V-belt in the market. Thanks to its heavy-duty EPDM compound, the FO Pioneer enables friction-fit drives that operate even in extreme temperature ranges, while also offering a significantly longer service life than conventional raw-edge V-belts. Another new addition to the range is the Conti-V Advance: Its reinforced polyester tension member, fiber-reinforced compound and double fabric jacket enable it to transmit well over 40 percent more power than standard V-belts. 

      New timing belts have also been added. One example is the Silent Sync, which was adopted into the range following the acquisition of Veyance. The offset toothing means the belt is self-tracking and does not need any flanges. It is also very quiet in operation – which is particularly important on the shop floor, where reducing noise levels is an important issue. A further new addition is the Synchroforce Carbon: Thanks to its high tear strength and dynamic load capacity, this heavy-duty belt with its carbon tension member enables synchronous drives to operate in extremely tight spaces – creating the ideal conditions for designing cost-effective drives with a small installed size and low weight.

      “In our current product range, we are responding to the trend for ever-higher performance in belts, without losing sight, however, of the needs of standard applications,” declares Maia. “As a full-line distributor, we have a broad base and can therefore cover all our customers’ requirements.”

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