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      Photo of the new plant
      Press Release
      October 18, 2018

      Continental Invests in Sino-German Ecopark to Connect Auto Market with Pioneering Technologies

      • Total investment for the new hose plant approximately RMB 240 million (around 30 million Euros)
      • Producing high quality hose products for both conventional and new energy vehicles, and providing system solutions

      Qingdao, Shandong Province, October 18, 2018. The new plant in Qingdao invested by the technology company Continental has been relocated to the Qingdao Sino-German Ecopark and now officially opened. With a total investment of approximately RMB 240 million (around 30 million Euros) and an area of approximately 84,000 sqm, the new plant in Qingdao provides high quality hose products and mobile fluid system solutions for passenger cars and commercial vehicles to ensure stable and safe circulation of fluid media in auto systems such as water, fuel, oil and air. The new plant is also committed to integrating global resources and capabilities to facilitate structural upgrade for China’s local automotive industry and regional economic development based on the needs of the country’s automotive market.

      In order to meet energy conservation and environmental protection requirements of the automotive industry in recent years, the new plant in Qingdao has introduced world-leading technologies including advanced air conditioning hoses using new refrigerant HFO-1234yf, lightweight cooling water hoses suitable for electric vehicles and GPF hoses meeting the National IV standards, bringing professional mobile fluid solutions to new energy vehicle manufacturers. Meanwhile, with the existing production lines, the new plant will produce core products such as cooling system lines, air-conditioning hoses, oil lines, turbocharger lines, exhaust system GPF lines, etc. for segments such as air-conditioning lines, air induction and exhaust system lines, heating/cooling lines, engine and drivetrain, etc. for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and provide design, R&D and production of products from hose lines to thermal management systems, offering systematic solutions for conventional and new energy vehicles.

      Song Qi, Head of Continental’s division ContiTech in China: “Thanks to the cooperation opportunity created by the business-enabling environment in Shandong, we will continue to invest in the Qingdao plant in the next few years. We plan to build our Technology R&D Center for hoses in the new Qingdao plant next year, developing it into the largest automotive hose line production site in China, which will play an exemplary role in leading China’s manufacturing development and stimulating the vitality of the automobile makers and realize Continental’s commitment to the Chinese market.”

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