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      Press Release
      March 23, 2017

      ContiTech Opens New Plant for Coated Fabrics in China

      • First production site for coated material outside Germany
      • Facility sets benchmarks for ecology and energy efficiency

      Changshu, China, March 2017. The opening of ContiTech’s new facility for coated fabrics marks a special milestone in the companies’ history in China: It is the first international production site for elastomer coatings outside Germany. “The investment into that new plant underlines our commitment within and to the Chinese market. It allows us to better meet our Chinese customers’ demands in different industries,” emphasizes Dr. Peter Scholtissek, Head of ContiTech Elastomer Coatings. With a total investment of more than 20 Million Euros (170 Million Renminbi), the plant produces high-performance coated materials for a variety of applications. The product range includes robust concertina wall materials, which connect railway carriages together, or fabrics for protective equipment, dry diving suits or life rafts.

      “It’s a special moment for me and my team, because we are putting a long-pursued plan into action. We established an ultramodern and climate-friendly facility equipped with leading production technology that can only be operated by a few companies worldwide,” Dr. Scholtissek added. Located at ContiTech’s well-established central hub in Changshu, the business finds best fitting conditions such as the use of central services and compound supply from the raw material mixing next door. It already supplies calendered material and other semi-finished goods for air springs and transmission belts.

      Furthermore, the plant sets benchmarks for an ecological and energy-friendly manufacturing. Based on cutting-edge facilities for waste air treatment, the site stays below Chinese emission limits more than ten times. Its thermal insulation systems also helps to save energy at a uniquely high level. Series production has been running since beginning of 2017 with an approximately 25-strong workforce that will be doubled over the next few months. ContiTech supplies customers in China and further Asian regions from its new base in Changshu and is already successfully selling coated fabrics in China such as diaphragms for automotive fuel management or robust and weatherproof materials for folding bellows used in railway vehicles. With the new plant, the customers benefit from local production possibilities, expertise and local service capability.

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