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      Mobility Study 2020

      The 2020 Mobility Study

      Since 2011, the technology company Continental has carried out the Continental Mobility Study on various key topics at regular intervals. The Continental Mobility Study 2020 is the sixth edition of the study, which asks people in Germany, France, the US, China and Japan about various aspects of mobility. One of the focus areas of the current study is electric mobility.

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      Part 2 of the Mobility Study 2020 on the Topic of "From Driver to Passenger: Attitudes Toward the Technological Development of the Car"

      The 2020 survey took place in two stages with different emphases. In addition to the expectations and attitudes regarding electric vehicles, the survey also dealt with changes in mobility against the backdrop of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The focus of this survey was on attitudes toward automated and autonomous driving: What role does driving play for the respondents? How willing are they to relinquish control and what significance do technological developments have for them? These questions are fundamental to acceptance of the technology. Openness to various assistance systems, also and especially to autonomous vehicles, was also queried.

      Part  2 of the study