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      Mobility Study 2022

      Affordability of personal mobility

      Against the backdrop of rising energy prices, many people are concerned that they will no longer be able to afford personal mobility.

      Concerns about affordability are not only expressed for personal mobility in general. Affordability is also a common thread running through various topics. Concerns include possible price increases due to technological developments.



      Press Release

      High Energy Prices: People Are Worried about the Affordability of Their Mobility

      People are increasingly worried about the affordability of their mobility. Generally high inflation rates and above all the rapid rise in energy prices are threatening to put the brakes on the transformation of mobility in Germany. Sustainability, specifically in relation to cars, is becoming increasingly relevant to a majority of German citizens. In accordance with this, only 44 percent of Germans surveyed expect the future of mobility to be electric. For a narrow majority of people in Germany, however, environmentally friendly mobility is not currently viewed as a priority against the backdrop of high electricity, gasoline and diesel fuel prices. In addition, more than half of those surveyed in Germany will no longer be able to afford to drive if the price of gasoline exceeds €2.80 per liter...

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