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      Mobilits Study 2022

      Personal Mobility

      The car remains a pillar of mobility – both in everyday life and on vacation. Respondents report to feel safer from COVID-19 infections in their car – be it in their everyday life or on vacation. Most households have at least one car.

      Especially in France and the USA, households without a car are rare. Those cars are largely powered by combustion engines with little or no increase in electric or hybrid cars since 2020. Norway outshines the other countries with a 13 percent share of all-electric cars. Nonetheless, electric cars are still outnumbered by combustion engines.


      Press Release

      Pandemic Reinforces Desire for Vacations on Four Wheels

      Cars continue to gain in importance as a result of the pandemic and have become an integral part of many people’s travel and leisure-time habits. This is one of the key findings of the representative Continental Mobility Study 2022, which renowned market research company infas conducted worldwide on behalf of Continental. According to the study, a majority of people in Germany regard cars as an essential part of their mobility and their personal living space. 54 percent of study respondents see their car as a place of personal refuge. More than half (53 percent) use a car or camper van/motor home for vacation trips. Against the backdrop of long waiting and check-in times at airports, canceled or heavily overcrowded public transportation, for example in the wake of the €9 monthly travel pass introduced in Germany to cushion rising fuel prices, the safety and comfort of their own car have become more important for 61 percent of German respondents when it comes to their vacation. The vast majority of those who reported having traveled during the pandemic asserted in the survey that they intend to continue using either their car (84 percent) or their camper van/motor home (60 percent) just as much or even more once the pandemic is over...

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      Download the results as a PDF here:  Continental Mobility Study 2022 - pdf (18.27MB)

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