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      Intellectual Property and Innovation in Times of Transition

      The automotive industry is changing rapidly. Not only are drive types changing and emission levels dropping, but cars are also increasingly becoming fully connected smart devices on wheels. Innovation has always been of great importance, especially for suppliers and tech companies like Continental.

      In the current phase of transformation, it is more important than ever. After all, only a company that delights its customers with a constant stream of new ideas and products will secure long-term growth and jobs. Continental holds the top position worldwide in the European Patent Office's patent index for transport technologies in 2020. Already in 1996, Continental was the first company to connect vehicles. Since that, we have connected more than 50 million vehicles....

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      Continental's major innovations


      „Innovation needs new rules of the game“

      Proper handling of intellectual property plays an important role for highly innovative companies like Continental. Patent expert Dr. Roman Bonn, Head of Intellectual Property at Continental, explains in an interview what is particularly important in the age of the Connected Car.

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