Digital Guardian Angel for Cyclists

Continental and Deutsche Telekom develop collision warning system.

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Retrofittable Turn Assistant for Commercial Vehicles

Our radar-based turn assistant RightViu for commercial vehicles has been on the market since this summer for easy retrofitting of existing fleets.


Intelligent Tires Tell Drivers When They Need Maintenance

Optimum tire pressure for car safety: The tire of the future has smart sensors.

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Transparent Hood: Be Adventurous on Country Roads

Have you always wanted to explore new roads with your car? With our Transparent Hood function even for the driver hidden paths become visible.

Abbiegeassistent | Turn Assist System

A Turn Toward Safety

Any accident is an accident too many. With traffic scenarios becoming increasingly complex and the number of road users on the rise, modern corning assistance systems can help save lives.

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Cockpit Vision 2025 Warning

Seeing Things Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

The augmented-reality head-up display – a new dimension in safety.

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