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      January 31, 2024

      Mercedes-Benz Calls upon Continental’s Original Equipment Expertise for New E-Class

      • Mercedes-Benz delivers E-Class factory-fitted with Continental EcoContact 6 Q tires
      • Tire line has been developed for exceptionally energy-efficient and quiet driving
      • For the cold season, the WinterContact TS 860 S is approved as original equipment

      Hanover, Germany, January 31, 2024. For its new E-Class, Mercedes-Benz is again counting on Continental’s original equipment expertise and factory-fitting the vehicle with EcoContact 6 Q tires. This tire model was developed for exceptionally energy-efficient driving with optimized noise levels. It delivers a range of benefits including a long service life and low energy consumption. To see the E-Class through the cold season, Mercedes-Benz has also approved Continental WinterContact TS 860 S tires.

      Continental developed the EcoContact 6 Q for exceptionally energy-efficient driving – for a diverse range of vehicle models, regardless of their drive type. This is achieved thanks to a special rubber compound that reduces energy absorption through the tire while the vehicle is in motion and, in turn, reduces friction and rolling resistance. Continental’s developers have also improved the tread of the EcoContact 6 Q, thereby reducing rolling noise. In addition to short braking distances, the tire offers exceptional grip on dry and wet roads, as well as excellent cornering stability even at high speeds.

      WinterContact TS 860 S – for maximum safety on mud and snow

      When the weather turns cold and wet, Continental recommends the WinterContact TS 860 S, which is available from Mercedes-Benz dealerships and tire dealers. This winter tire model ensures precise handling on dry and wet roads in cold temperatures. It also delivers solid grip on snowy ground. As a result, it provides reliable braking performance and thus a high level of safety on the road in winter.


      These tire lines and sizes are approved for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class in numerous countries:

      EcoContact 6 Q * MO, 225/55 R18 102Y XL

      EcoContact 6 Q * MO, 245/45 R19 102Y XL

      EcoContact 6 Q * MO, 275/40 R19 105Y XL

      EcoContact 6 Q * MO, 245/40 R20 99Y XL

      EcoContact 6 Q * MO, 275/35 R20 102Y XL

      EcoContact 6 Q * MO, 245/35 R21 96Y XL ContiSilent

      EcoContact 6 Q * MO, 275/30 R21 98Y XL ContiSilent

      WinterContact TS 860 S * MO, 225/55 R18 102H XL

      WinterContact TS 860 S * MO, 245/45 R19 102H XL

      WinterContact TS 860 S * MO, 275/40 R19 105H XL

      WinterContact TS 860 S * MO, 245/40 R20 99V XL

      WinterContact TS 860 S * MO, 275/35 R20 102V XL

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