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      Radar Vision Enables Level 3 and Level 4 Driving and Parking Functions

      • Radar and camera building blocks for vehicle parking
      • Next-generation environmental model
      • Fewer accidents, avoidance of queues, more efficient search for a parking space


      Continental follows a redundant multi-sensor approach for assisted and automated driving and offers a broad component portfolio of high-resolution cameras, lidars, ultrasonic sensors and the corresponding control units. Thanks to this systems competence, Continental can offer all aspects of vehicle parking, ranging from assistance systems to fully autonomous functions. Radar systems combined with high-resolution cameras are ideal for enabling vehicle parking. Thanks to their compactnes radars can be easily and safely mounted behind all painted bumpers and cameras, for example in the exterior mirrors. Continental relies on radar and camera components that are installed in most vehicles today and are already being used for other applications. The solution could thus replace ultrasonic sensors to improve design and performance. It also meets NCAP safety requirements.

      At its TechShow 2023, Continental combines the two cost-optimized technologies Surround View and Surround Radar into a high-performance 360° sensor system as building blocks for automated driving of levels 3 and 4. It includes a next-generation environment model, making it possible to reduce accidents in the parking garage and avoid unnecessary waiting queues. Additionally, it is more efficient in using existing and future parking facilities and needed space.

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      Jennifer Weyrich

      Media Spokesperson and Topic Manager Autonomous Mobility

      Continental Automotive

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