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      Autonomous transport robots from Continental optimize material transport on the shop floor

      • Autonomous transport vehicle developed by Continental increases efficiency in production. The autonomous mobile robots (AMR) automate the flow of materials in production plants, warehouses and logistics centers

      Increasing efficiency in manufacturing is increasingly an important contribution to long-term competitiveness. Driverless transport vehicles play an important role in the flow of materials in a digitized factory: They reduce manual activities such as driving a forklift, accelerate transport, provide transparency as to which goods are currently where, and thus ensure processes that can be planned overall. Currently, mobile transport robots can be found on the market, most of which do not drive autonomously and only move along fixed routes between programmed starting points and destinations. Every change means time-consuming reprogramming, time and additional costs for on-site adjustments.


      Continental has risen to these challenges and entered the market for AMR in the intralogistics sector. Building on its experience in the automotive sector, the technology company has developed its own industrial solution that simplifies logistical workflows. Following an internal test phase at Continental production sites worldwide, the AMR are available for external market entry with improved and new functions as well as handling of new use cases. A major benefit here is ease of implementation and smooth operation in warehouses and production.

      Autonomous mobile robots make it easy for customers – new functions and use cases

      Customers can currently choose between three use cases:


      Thanks to its integrated lifting function, AMR can independently drive under roll carts, lift them and transport them to their destination. With its ultra-compact design and payload of up to 1,200kg, the AMR performs all work completely autonomously. The maximum speed of the robot is up to 2.0m per second.

      Top Roller

      If an interlinking of the existing conveyor system with the AMR material flow is planned, Continental's AMR is also a good choice in this application area thanks to a partnership with ROEQ. Coordinated with each other, the automated pick-up and delivery of or to roller conveyors such as high-bay warehouses or production lines becomes the absolute standard. The safety of man, machine and goods is guaranteed by the robot's 360-degree environment detection.

      Load Module

      Goods are automatically approached from defined transfer stations, lifted out of the station and transported to their destination. Basically designed for transporting pallets, important features such as 360-degree obstacle detection complement safety during pick-up, transport, unloading, transfer or independent approach to the loading station. Orchestrated in a defined infrastructure, maximum efficiency is now just a matter of the right (system) setting.

      For controlling the AMR, Continental offers an optional intelligent fleet management software, Fleet Master Control. Intuitive operation helps to easily create or change routes. With the help of maps and dashboards, an overview of the AMR fleet is maintained, transport orders are controlled, or loading statuses are retrieved - all in real time. However, thanks to the standardized VDA 5050 interface, any other fleet management software can also be used. Another component of how AMR can make processes more flexible and efficient.

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