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      Teamwork Is What Matters

      From mid-June, sports fans will be treated to eight weeks of entertainment, with several major events set to be staged around the world – and Continental is joining in the fun. In both sport and mobility, success happens when individual strengths complement each other.

      A season of sport: from mid-June to mid-August 2024, three major international events will take place within the space of just a few weeks – in Germany, France and the USA. Footballers and athletes will compete on the biggest stage to achieve their dreams, and fans around the world will join in the excitement and celebrations. After all, highly charged emotions are just as much a part of sport as trophies and medals.

      But what really matters when the competitors want to get their hands on the coveted trophies? In team sports especially, besides talent, motivation and the desire to win, it all comes down to one thing: working together. Only when this happens can individual strengths grow together into something bigger. This is true not only in sport, but also in mobility: it always comes down to teamwork – whether for fitness and tactics or hardware and software. 

      The team makes the difference

      A safe, smart and sustainable vehicle functions much like a successful team. Its components each play to their own strengths, work in harmony with each other and contribute to the overall result. From thermal management systems, zone control units and tires to high-performance computers and displays: together the individual components create a powerful whole. 

      Ultimately, it is always the team that makes the difference. On the playing field, in a competition – and in the car.

      Continental wishes all fans a lot of fun!

      (Status: June 2024)