Trends in the Automotive Industry
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Technologies for Future Mobility

What does the mobility of the future look like?

In addition to trendsetting technologies such as automated and autonomous driving, smart infotainment, and lightweight design, several very fundamental trends are influencing the sector: digitalization, sustainability, efficiency, and cost saving are as much a part of the automotive sector as safety on the roads and comfort and convenience while driving.

Automated driving

One of the major trends in the automotive sector is automated driving. In the future, the connectivity of intelligent technologies will ensure that, on an increasing number of routes, the task of driving will be taken over by the vehicle’s electronics. In keeping with our slogan “The Future in Motion,” we are passionately working on making this vision a reality for all vehicle classes. Will we see resource-efficient “driverless cars” and how much longer will development take? Find out more about the trend of automated driving.

Electric mobility

How can we design vehicles to be even more efficient through the increasing connectivity of electrification and existing power transmission technology as well as the use of software and an intelligent mix of materials? We are working on sustainable, customized mobility for everyone. One way to do this is with modular, energy-saving clean mobility solutions for all vehicle classes. Find out more about electric mobility and the associated ongoing electrification.


Accidents should be a thing of the past. Given the steadily increasing volume of traffic, the issue of safety in the automotive industry is becoming a key challenge for society, industry, and politicians. Discover how Continental is increasing vehicle safety with its products.


Entire industries are changing with and through connectivity and digitalization, while car drivers are demanding even more from their vehicles. In addition to vehicle dynamics and consumption, the perceived intelligence, comfort, and convenience of the car also play a significant role. Cars are even becoming intelligent enough to understand what drivers want to do by tracking their eye movements. For over 100 years, Continental has been helping vehicle manufacturers around the world make driving enjoyable not only in premium and mid-size vehicles but also in small vehicle classes. Find out about Continental’s technologies and solutions that contribute to intelligent comfort and convenience systems in cars thanks to connectivity.

Inform and entertain

Drivers should receive as much information as necessary, but as little as possible. This also includes low-distraction integration of the latest smartphone functions in all vehicle classes. Continental is therefore always working on innovative technologies from the field of information and entertainment, with the aim of ensuring a holistic human-machine dialogue. Find out more about the possibilities of infotainment in cars, trucks, and two-wheelers.


The agricultural sector is undergoing a major transformation, and global trends such as increasing urbanization and a steadily growing world population call for sustainable measures to secure the food supply and livelihoods of current and future generations. Digital and connected solutions are the fertilizer for efficient, safe, and sustainable agriculture. Find out more about products and solutions from Continental for the agricultural sector.

Lightweight Design

Whether it is for cars or commercial vehicles, the trend towards lightweight design is still an issue that is pointing the way ahead for the automotive industry. This is for a good reason, as every gram that is saved brings crucial advantages such as lower consumption, which in turn leads to lower emissions, a fall in operating costs and an increase in useful load as well as a longer range for electric vehicles. In the process, highly resilient plastics are replacing materials that were previously used, such as steel or aluminum. Find out more about the lightweight design solutions from Continental.