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      Sustainability in the Supply Chain

      Sustainable and resource-efficient management is a key component of our environmental strategy. This also applies to our supply chain. A project, which was started in 2015 to improve the environmental performance of our suppliers in the Mexican states of Jalisco and Guanajuato, was successfully completed in 2017. The aim of the initiative was to train and help the suppliers to establish and enhance their own environmental and energy management systems. In this context, continuous improvement processes created a basis for systematic environmental and energy management. Environmentally friendly technologies and solutions in particular took priority. The suppliers that received training as part of this project have achieved excellent successes together with the Continental locations in Mexico and make a positive contribution to environmental protection. The results help all companies involved not only to improve their environmental and energy efficiency, but also to reduce their operating costs. This led to more efficiency, more employee loyalty and an improved competitive position. In total, approximately:

      • 775 metric tons of CO2 emissions
      • 923 megawatt hours of energy
      • 210 metric tons of waste
      • 4,600 cubic meters of water

      were saved in the two-year project. Due to the successful implementation of these measures, the innovative project work and the good networking between the suppliers, we have decided to continue this project and open it up to additional suppliers under the motto: „Improve sustainability – One For Another!“