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      Emission-Free Mobility & Industry

      Emission-free mobility and industry

      We strive for 100% emission-free mobility and industries.

      100% emission-free driving, emission-free industrial products and factories by 2050 are the main goals of our sustainability ambition. In doing so, we are committed to clean air and a better quality of life for all.

      With the world’s population growing, the demand for mobility and industrial production is also increasing. Avoiding emissions is crucial for the human health and for the ongoing business success of companies. This involves harmful emissions, such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxides (NOx). Harmless emissions such as water vapor, non-toxic, biodegradable particulate emissions, or minimal noise emissions will continue to exist.

      Emission-free driving and emission-free industry

      Emission-free driving and emission-free industry are Continental’s future business. We are already taking a major step forward in emissions-free driving.

      Starting in 2022, Continental plans to provide business for zero-emission cars, buses or trains on a carbon-neutral basis. This relates to our own production and includes all preliminary stages up to a product's end of life. The basic requirement is that these are completely emission-free drives: battery-electric, hydrogen or fuel cell. Hybrid-powered vehiclesare excluded. This is why Continental is leaning on the European “Green Deal” and classifications within the framework of sustainable finance.

      Innovations for a cleaner future

      In the future, the transport of people and goods will continue to be at the heart of social and economic development. Continental is working on lightweight components, solutions for automated driving, new transport concepts, tires optimized for roll resistance and, last but not least, technologies for vehicles that do not cause drive-related emissions. For example, battery-powered vehicles, or those with fuel cell or hydrogen technology. These vehicles are driven directly or indirectly by renewable energies. They produce zero emissions during their use phase, which is when most of the emissions occur.

      Together with our partners in the value chain, we want to achieve 100% emission-free mobility and industry by 2050 at the latest.