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      Copyright and Consent

      Copyright and Consent

      Permissions Needed for Posting

      Images, text and videos are easy and fun to share on the Internet – but their use is still subject to laws and regulations. To decide whether and how you may use any content is solely up to the holder of appropriate rights of use. When posting images or videos, you should also take care to observe the right to privacy of everybody shown.

      9 Tips to Consider Before Posting:

      1. Do not ever post personal information (e. g. name or e-mail address) or visual material (picture, video, gif, etc.) about others (e. g. colleagues, receptionists etc.) without permission.
        The consent including the intended specific form of publication and/or distribution can be of any format. If you want to have a proof it has to be in a written format.
      2. Before including someone in a post, for example using the @mention function, ask the involved person if they are fine with it.
      3. If you take your own pictures at the workplace make sure it is allowed with your Locations Communications or supervisor. The regulations are different for every workplace. The picture should have a business character. Photos are not allowed to be taken in any security area where prototypes or other secret components are produced or stored.
      4. Before using material that you do not own, make sure that you have permission to use it in the way you intend to. If in doubt, contact the individuals or organizations who created or posted the content and get them to confirm the right of use in writing. It is not allowed to search for a picture in Google images and use it without checking permissions.
      5. If the rights of use holder of the picture/video wants it, you need to cite the source.
      6. If you would like to post about a virtual event check with the platform provider if you are allowed to share a screenshot.
      7. Avatars of people can’t be used as well without consent since you can fully recognize the person.
      8. If you are going to quote customers, business partners or employees of Continental, always make sure that you have their written permission first. Please inform your Social Media Responsible in that case.
      9. When you upload content onto a social media platform, you are subject to the provider’s terms and conditions – and sometimes that means that you grant extensive rights of use over your content and might lose control over your content being further reproduced and/or made available to the public. Consider this before you post – and just don’t post anything you do not want to grant incalculable extensive rights of use. 

      Follow this decision tree - png (386KB) (click on the link) to know if your picture can be used or not.

      When in doubt, just ask!  >