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      Our social code

      Our Social Code

      Your Handy Guide to Posting Safely on Social Media

      Our Social Code (formerly Social Media Guideline) provides advice on the use of social media in everyday life. We give you tips on taking advantage of the benefits of social media and recommendations to avoid mistakes.

      On social networks, the boundaries between public and private, personal and professional content can become blurred. Any content may be (or can become) visible to colleagues, managers, customers and other business partners of Continental.  

      Therefore, it is very important to remember that any information that can be linked with you might also be linked with your work at or for Continental.  

      Everything that you post on social media can thus directly or indirectly affect Continental’s reputation. 

      If and how you decide to become active in social media is, of course, your own choice – as long as you honor the applicable limits (your employment contract and its annexes, Code of Conduct). Our Social Code aims to make it clear where these boundaries lie and when your private activities and professional obligations might collide.  

      Our Social Code with its following 6 essentials applies to all employees and freelancers subject to German law and concerns personal Internet use outside working hours.