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      A Continental employee explains his idea to his colleagues.

      Freedom To Act

      We grow with freedom and its responsibility.

      Freedom to act and personal responsibility are the roots of Continental’s growth. We strengthen our vitality and sustainability by granting the greatest possible freedom to our employees early on in their career and encouraging them to use that freedom. At every level, we promote their enthusiasm that they self-organize their work and assume responsibility for the results.

      We organize our interaction according to balanced rules. All individual contributions count, and we consolidate them to generate a maximum value contribution for our company and its stakeholders.

      We respect the freedom of future generations and live up to our responsibility towards them. With our products and services, we help expand – and do not restrict – their opportunities for development.

      The way to set an example can be described and recognized as follows:

      • Self-Responsibility and Accountability
        We foster entrepreneurship and enable and encourage each other to self-organize our tasks.
      • Innovative Spirit
        We are realizing our ideas in tomorrow’s products and services today, ensuring their success through quality and performance.
      • Being Value-Oriented
        We create value according to the principles of sustainability to provide highly qualitative and innovative solutions.
      • Sustainability
        We respect the freedom of others, including future generations, and act responsibly.
      • Open-mindedness
        We welcome and are open to the ideas of others.