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      Being part of the future

      My job is done when a tire enables a revolution.

      Name: Bharat Redrouthu

      Fields of Study: Master of Science in Automotive Engineering with specialization in active safety and vehicle dynamics (Sweden)

      Current Position: Global Platform Development Engineer

      Start at Continental: As Research and Development Trainee in Tires​​​​​​​ 

      Bharat decided to work at Continental because he believes Research and Development can really change lives and help society become a better place. As a Global Platform Development Engineer, he is looking to increase the load capabilities of tires for the next generation of electric trucks and buses.

      Bharat says one of the things he loves about working at Continental are his talented colleagues in a diverse international team. He feels the working culture is open and that employees are free to speak their mind.

      He is curious about the capabilities of new technology and ambitious to succeed. “I envision that, one day, society will have vehicles on the road that all run with sustainable energy, and I am very proud to be part of this future,” he says.

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      Sustainability: Making the World a Better Place to Live

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