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      Key Figures per Share

      Key figures of the Continental share

      € (unless otherwise specified)20222021
      Basic earnings per share10.337.18
      Diluted earnings per share10.337.18
      Dividend per share1.502.20
      Dividend payout ratio (%)1-230.6
      Dividend yield3 (%)2.32.1
      Share price at year end55.9893.11
      Annual average share price66.01103.03
      Share price at year high99.80118.53
      Share price at year low44.3187.53
      Number of outstanding shares, average
      (in millions)
      Number of outstanding shares as at December 31
      (in millions)

      All market prices are quotations of the Continental share in the Xetra system of Deutsche Börse AG. In order to improve comparability, figures prior to September 16, 2021, have been adjusted to account for the effect from the spin-off of Vitesco Technologies. Data source: Bloomberg.
      1In the year under review, the Continental Group changed the methodology used for the recognition of uncertain tax positions. In accordance with IAS 8, Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors, this change was applied retrospectively, and the amounts affected in the comparative period of the previous year were adjusted accordingly in the financial statements. For reasons of materiality, a third statement of financial position was not prepared. The retrospectively adjusted figures in the opening statement of financial position and the explanation of the change are included in the Annual Report under 'Accounting for income taxes' in the note 'General Information and Accounting Principles' .

      2Not applied.
      3Dividend per share at the annual average share price.