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      Ultrawide and ultra-safe: everything in view with a exceptionell design

      • Curved display across the entire vehicle width: New display unites design and technology
      • High quality, high resolution, highly functional
      • In2Visible display – complete camouflage


      Continental sets new standards in terms of display integration in vehicles. With the Curved Ultrawide Display, users are offered a screen that – as the name suggests – is curved and, at 1.29 meter, connects both A-pillars. A lot of surface area with even more functions: Besides the matrix backlighting for better picture quality and the "Local Dimming" technology, one thing in particular stands out: the In2Visible control panel.

      This brings a camouflage feature to the display: When it is not in use, it merges seamlessly with the vehicle's surface and is thus almost invisible. This not only matches the display's graceful design appeal, but also prevents superfluous information from distracting the driver. In addition, the panel, which is placed close to the driver, provides haptic feedback for precise, relaxed and, above all, safe control.

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      Sebastian Fillenberg

      Head of Content, Media Spokesperson and Topic Manager Architecture and Networking

      Continental Automotive