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      Ultrawide and ultra-safe: everything in view with a exceptionell design

      • Biometrical authentication system with many features
      • World’s first and CES Innovation Award winner


      A world first in the field of vehicle safety: The Driver Identification System from Continental and trinamiX GmbH recognizes the driver independently and reliably thanks to biometric data – and for that reason has already won the CES Innovation Award 2023.

      The core of the innovation is the security system that only allows the vehicle to start after successful authentication of the driver. Of course, the technology, which is certified according to the highest biometric security standards, cannot be fooled easily: it only reacts to human skin and is therefore immune to attempts of forgery such as photographs or masks.

      In addition to theft protection, the Driver Identification System also increases safety while driving. It always keeps an eye on the driver's attention and reacts, for example, in the event of signs of fatigue.

      These advantages are rounded off by a real comfort bonus: The identification also greatly simplifies digital payment processes, for example when refueling or parking.

      And no one has to make any visual concessions here either. The complex technology is completely and seamlessly hidden in the display – and can for example be combined with the Curved Ultrawide Display. Both technologies can be experienced at TechShow 2023.

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