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      IAA Transportation 2022

      Highlight Topic: The Connected Vehicle

      Digitalization and connectivity are also revolutionizing the inside of the vehicle. More and more functions are required, which calls for a more centralized and secure architecture. We’ll partner up with you to develop the vehicle architecture of the future!​

      The transport industry is rapidly becoming digitalized because this leads to greater efficiency. Vehicles today are becoming part of the Internet of things, and are also designed to deliver the data that managers need.​

      • More and more functions and connectivity-based applications do not only affect backend and services. They are also changing the inside of the vehicle extensively.​

      • The vehicle architecture, especially its E/E and software architecture are experiencing a revolution, moving towards to more powerful and centralized computing​

      • Cybersecurity becomes more important and also regulated by the UN ECE norms. ​

      • Automated driving will require an exponential increase in a vehicle’s computing power. An autonomous vehicle must not only have a good engine, it must be optimally “computerized”. ​

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