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      IAA Transportation Preview 2022

      Trends in freight transport: Continental TechTalk Keynote

      The IAA Transportation 2022 is just around the corner – and with it come many trends and challenges in freight transport: To name just a few examples, the industry will be faced with regulations like the EU mobility package, the enormous increase in the importance of sustainability, the lack of drivers, and a huge demand for transport capacity. Many companies are under pressure – they need solutions to reduce costs and make their work more sustainable and efficient. 

      Road freight transport innovations for the future  

      The Continental TechTalk Keynote has been hosted by Ismail Dagli. As the Head of the Business Area Smart Mobility at Continental, he is also responsible for commercial vehicles. The Keynote has focused on the most important sector trends – and their implications for the industry. Ismail Dagli also provided an insight into Continental’s roadmap for innovations in freight transport. You can look forward to the following focal points:

      • Sustainability
      • Safe and fair transportation
      • Digitalization and data-based services

      During the in-depth sessions, you will gain an exclusive insight into selected innovations – well before the IAA Transportation takes place in September! 


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      Christopher Schrecke

      Head of Communications

      Continental Automotive