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      CEO Nikolai Setzer:
      “Carbon-neutral mobility will not be possible without the technological expertise of suppliers like Continental.”

      TechShow 2023

      Quotes from the Press Conference

      Nikolai Setzer, CEO Continental, on June 14, 2023 in Frankfurt:

      Future mobility

      “From the road to the cloud – our technology portfolio ranges from our premium tires to our software solutions, putting us in a unique market position.”

      “We are developing the new horsepower of mobility and bringing it to the world’s roads. Four out of five new vehicles are equipped with solutions, components and systems from Continental – ensuring safety, convenience and sustainability.”

      “Our UltraContact NXT tire, our vegan surfaces and our semi-dry brake demonstrate that we are bringing sustainable ideas into production. Our production expertise is an advantage and our strength.”

      “Carbon-neutral mobility will not be possible without the technological expertise of suppliers like Continental.”

      Automated and autonomous driving

      “We are stepping up the pace of automated and autonomous driving.”

      “We enter partnerships that drive us forward and expand our strong technology portfolio. With the help of our strategic partners, we bring innovations to market with greater speed and efficiency.”

      “With Ambarella we are speeding up the development of highly automated driving for passenger cars and trucks. We are creating comprehensive system solutions for advanced driver assistance systems and highly automated driving.”

      “With Aurora we are taking a further decisive step toward autonomous mobility. Together, we will bring autonomous trucking systems to the American market. This will be the first self-driving trucking system to go into production in the world. We expect production to start as early as 2027.”

      “We believe self-driving vehicles will first start to be used in areas where there is a clear cost advantage and benefit to the customer. This is precisely the case for the trucking industry, as demographic and structural changes in the labor market mean there are fewer and fewer drivers available.”

      “With our portfolio of strong partnerships, we are actively advancing the development of autonomous, more sustainable mobility.”

      Nikolai Setzer

      Chairperson of the Executive Board