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      TechTalk Sustainability & E-mobility

      Welcome to the Tires TechTalk series “Sustainability & E-mobility”!

      Sustainability is an integral part of Continental Tires “Vision 2030” strategy program. Our goal is to be the most progressive tire company in terms of environmental and social responsibility by 2030. In our live webinar sessions we wanted to offer insights into the broad array of projects we currently engage in.

      An essential raw material for excellent tire functionality remains natural rubber. Hence, we are committed to responsibly sourced natural rubber and proactively strive to minimize all environmental, human rights and social risks that we identify along our global natural rubber supply chain.

      We systematically invest in research and development in the fields of new technologies, alternative materials and environmentally compatible production processes. Through these efforts, we are aiming for a gradual transition to 100 percent sustainably produced materials in our tire products as well as a 100 percent responsible supply chain by 2050 at the latest.

      Waste is a raw material for Continental in the wrong place. Did you know that we are the first tire manufacturer to use recycled polyester yarn obtained from PET plastic bottles in a new process in series production? We believe that circular economy is the model of the future. By 2050 at the latest, we plan to close our product and resource cycles, avoiding waste at the end of our product's life.

      In the field of tires for electric vehicles, Continental is continuously expanding its strong market position. In 2021, seven of the ten highest-volume manufacturers of fully electric vehicles worldwide relied on the tire manufacturer's high level of technological expertise as original equipment. Did you know that Continental has been developing tires for electrified vehicles already since 2012?

      While vehicles with combustion engines still dominate the roads, the majority of forklifts in the intralogistics sector, for example, are already electrically powered. Advances in the context of sustainability and Industry 4.0 are creating new, tougher requirements for solid rubber tires. Continental aims to equip forklift fleets in intralogistics with the right solutions and to help fleet managers make their work more sustainable, efficient and easier.