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      TechTalk Session 4

      Sustainability in intralogistics: How Continental leads the change in the tire industry

      Did you know that the majority of forklifts is electrically powered already today? The trends electrification and sustainability put some extra pressure on developing solid tires. Advancements linked to sustainability and industry 4.0 require forklifts to do more work, lift higher loads, go further distances at higher speed – in less time. At the same time, Continental aims at energy reduction, recycling of material and making tires more durable to perfectly equip forklift drivers and fleet managers in intralogistics making their work more sustainable, efficient and easier. In this session Martin Welzhofer (Head of R&D Specialty Tires) will give insights on how Continental is developing tires for industrial applications and how Continental became leading in developing tires for industrial applications.


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